Rochel Goldbaum

Rochel Goldbaum has been teaching and mentoring Jewish women from around the world for over two decades.   She currently serves as an adjunct educator for Aish of the Rockies, founder of My Gift of Mikvah, co-founder of Core, and creator of the Directed Dating Approach.  When Rochel is not traveling and presenting at conferences and women’s gatherings, she works as a dating. marriage and relationship mentor. Rochel trains kallah teachers and Dating Mentors across the world, and has developed unique resource materials on Taharas Hamishpacha for women of all backgrounds.  Her desire to encourage women, strengthen marriages, and unify the Jewish people has her presenting to audiences across the world with the goal of connecting them to HaShem, each other, and themselves, as well as enhancing intimacy in the Jewish home.        

Kathy Kaufman

Kathy Kaufman has worked in a wide variety of administrative management positions in the Denver Jewish community for the past 15 years.

Her current position is being an administrative assistant for Rochel Goldbaum Consulting where she books teaching events and travel for Rochel and assists clients with private coaching bookings with her.

Kathy is also a trained Dating Coach through Rochel Goldbaum and is available for private Dating Mentor bookings.