Rochel Goldbaum has many years of experience offering her clients short-term mentoring where she teaches tools which can be used to enhance their emotional and physical intimacy in marriage, tools for  parenting and in all relationships. Every mentoring session is approached through a Torah perspective which allows her clients to gain clarity and wisdom from our Jewish heritage. When mentoring clients, Rochel’s goal is to connect with them on an emotional level and energize, accept, reframe and allow each client to thrive!

Rochel Goldbaum is available for private, one-on-one phone consultation bookings .  All consultations are 50 minutes long and can be booked by each client on your own time, based on availability.  Appointments can be booked weekly or bi-weekly, whatever is best for you, for as long as needed by the client.

Please click to book your mentoring consultation!  Advance payment is required for all appointments. Should you like to make other arrangements, please fill out our contact form or call 303-919-3595.